Neutrogena hydroboost-review 

Hi guys welcome back, so I’ve been using this skincare range for a couple of weeks now as I got it on special offer. To be fair that’s the only reason I bought it. The price tag was a bit steep otherwise. 

The full range consists of 6 products that claim to hydrate your skin using hyaluronic acid which has the capacity to hold up to a thousand times its weight in water. 

I purchased 3 products from the collection from boots, the wipes(normally€6.99) for €3.49 , the water gel cleanser (normally €10.99) for €5.49 and the hydroboost gel cream for €8.99 ( normally €17.99) so I got a great overall deal. 

My opinion on them is a bit of a mixed one while I love the gel cream. The gel cream had a really smooth texture and is fragrance free which is great for my sensitive skin. But the cleansing wipe I feel for €6 are not worth it you can but wipes in dealz for €1.49 that would do the same job. The water gel cleaner I feel is ok, it works really well, easy to rinse off and dose clean your skin although I can’t help but feel the boots own brand tea tree foaming wash gives me a deeper clean and is only €4.79 and I got a couple of months from one bottle and smells amazingly good too.  

So would I buy the neutrogena hydroboost range again probably not unless it was on offer because I do really love the cream. 

Kellie XxX

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