Review-Hand mask from beauty belle.  

The second part of the foot and hand mask combo, comes this hand mask. 

I was raging I couldn’t use it myself as my dermatitis is acting up so I decided to pamper my mom. 

Lately I’ve noticed that her hands are aging and collagen production has slowed down. And this product claims to rehydrate the hands and encourage collagen production the perfect fit right? 

So this was a welcomed treat for her. The mask itself is made in Korea and the brand is animal cruelty free which is great in my books. The ingredients are of a high standard and smell amazing. 

As soon as we opened the pack we immediately picked up the shea butter smell -which I love, again the gloves were stuck together and needed parting. The gloves have removable finger tips for ease of use or for extra pampering.  Also be sure to seperate the netting before inserting your hands. 

You leave them in for 20 minutes and then massage the extra into the hands. 
While these work their magic sit back and enjoy the aroma. The fruit extracts are amazing they smell Devine. As soon as the 20 minutes were up we removed the gloves to find the skin super hydrated and a lot more supple looking. 

As you will see from the pictures her hands look so much more hydrated and supple. My moms thoughts are as follows -feels cooling on the skin. Smells beautiful and leaves skin hydrated, soft and smooth. She loves it, if you want to treat your mom you can get yours on

Thanks for reading 

Kellie xx

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