Etern’l love or not?-that is the question…

Hi guys welcome back to my crazy little world. This week I bring you products from the etern’l range from harmony life. 

A couple of weeks ago I was sent two products to review by the lovely people at Etern’l I choose two products  from  the range. Firstly I choose  Tensing anti ageing serum as everyone that knows me, knows  I have one wrinkle close to my mouth that I cannot for life nor money rectify. Secondly I choose Lip balm softness-volume and hydration

I received the products in great time and was excited to try them. First impressions were amazing and I talked about them over on my Snapchat account. When I opened the serum I thought it was cheaply packaged the cap was  a bit flimsy but I didn’t allow that cloud my judgement, They both smelled amazing. 

I got straight in on it and used both products for 2 weeks. 

The Lip balm well and truly did its job and more. It is a gel consistency in the pot, but as soon as the heat from your hand touches it,it turns to an oily consistency almost like coconut oil. The effect is instant, my lips looked hydrated and fuller in seconds. I feel a little goes along way with this product and I would highly recommend it especially if you suffer from drying lips.  


While I love the lip balm, I can’t say the same for the serum. It was extremely runny, but it absorbed great I noticed as it dried it left a chemical scent on my skin. And I noticed no difference whatsoever to my wrinkle my main issue, But it did leave my skin hydrated. However is it worth the €26-€27 euro price tag? Personally I don’t think so. 

Don’t forget to check back next week for DIY Father’s Day gift idea

Slàn go foìll mo chara (goodbye for now, my friends 

Kell Xx

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