First impressions-Abella viva tan

Hi everyone, 

Welcome back. So if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I was delighted that the kind people at cosmetic alliance, sent me a tan to try.  

At first when I saw the shade l, I was thinking this is going to be way to dark for me, but sure in true Kellie style I gave it a go. 
A day before application I exfoliated, shaved and moisturised. The next day I just showered without any product just water as I didn’t want anything to interfere with the tan. 

My first thought when I pumped out product onto a mitt was “mmm it’s tinted so I can’t f this up” I have a hard time with non tinted tans as I always miss a spot and you can be guaranteed it’s one that would be on display to the world.

I was happy I could see this one so I squeezed out another two pumps and started rubbing in circular motions. I was amazed that little went a long way I used three pumps in total and it did my whole leg from toe to hip.  As soon as I had applied it I liked the colour, I went to bed and woke up like someone from the carribean islands. I panicked and ran into the shower.

I didn’t scrub I just rubbed it slightly with my hands and came out pat dried and had a look with half closed eyes, phew it’s not that dark at all thank god for that. I’m definitely going to apply it in my upper body now but I might only use one or two pumps to keep it a little lighter. 

Overall I’m happy so far I will see how it wears of and if it stays even and if it dose-I think I may have found my new tan. 

Fingers crossed. 

Abella viva is a tan developed for Irish skin tones and is a salon only brand but you can purchase it on

Check them out on instagram

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