1 Child vs 2 Children. what people wont tell you…

Making the decision to have a baby is probably one of the biggest ones you’ll ever make, being responsible for another human being is massive. From the very beginning you will be worried about everything and thinking how your going to eat well during the pregnancy and everything will be perfect just like it is in movies right??

well I’m here to tell you no, no it’s not like the movies, it’s the complete opposite, that pregnancy glow??? forget that it’s swollen ankles and spd.

1ab67b04857694ab3cec8095be2c3d23so you have the baby, everything seems right in the world. that is until you have the second child. and my god it is so different to what you imagined. Your whole life changes, it’s like you just got hit by a bus in the face. It’s that slap of reality that you thought you were well prepared but no.

  1. The 1st child acts out from day one
  2. The 1st child secretly hates you for leaving him/her to have the 2nd baby.
  3. The little scenario you have built up in your imagination that everything is perfect is a load of crap it’s all dirty nappies again, spew on all your clothes and if your lucky enough to have a child with reflux? you will have that spew, which looks like a full feed, all over your house.
  4. The washing doesn’t double it multiplies by 100, because you’re too tired and worn out you leave it until you cant see the washing machine or when you run out of clean socks.
  5. When the 2nd baby gets mobile, oh this is when your home becomes a mine field you will baby proof the whole house and if you bubble wrapped the house it still wouldn’t be enough, he’d still climb out your window when your putting the milk in the fridge.
  6. The two kids will become professional ufc fighters, arguing over couch cushion’s or who has the biggest ice pop even though they are from the same pack.
  7. The 2nd child will want everything the 1st has in his possession and vice versa so you become a referee.
  8. Outside the home they are little angels and everyone loves their big brown eyes and curly hair… but inside they are demons. your house is turned upside down on a daily basis.
  9. By 11pm you realise you never got a chance to put your makeup on and you’ve been walking around like you’ve been dragged through WW1.
  10. But there  is light at the end of the tunnel, when bed time arrives,you think  they look so cute when they sleep,you think to yourself Awh they are angels, you coo over their sleepiness and think ah the day wasn’t that bad was it?? WRONG you have to do it all again tomorrow.

Being a mom is hard, it’s very hard, anyone that tells you any different is lying to themselves too. it’s a job that’s that requires your full attention 24hours a day 7 days a week on top of your money paying job and that routine you had hoped to establish before the second was born is still in progress a year and a half later.

Being a mom is the greatest most rewarding job you’ll ever have, when a fellow mom tells you, your child is a dream and uses his manners. you know you are doing a good job in raising these little humans.

You’ll doubt yourself in every aspect of what you do, but remember you are doing a good, no a great job of this mom business, they are still alive aren’t they???


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