My top beauty products I’m loving at the moment…


So everyone loves to be pampered right? I for one don’t get enough time to pamper myself with two young kids, so here are the beauty tools and products I have been loving in the past month, anything that helps mom get ready in record time is a plus!

Number 1: Boots tea tree & witch-hazel peel off face mask.


So the first thing any mom needs is a pamper session when the kiddies are in bed, and what better way to start it all off with this deep cleaning face mask. I love this because its quick and easy to apply and your skin feels rejuvenated after only 10-15minutes. All you have to do is apply a 1mm layer on your face paying carful attention not to come into contact with your eyes. Leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes, then simply peal off and wash your face with warm water (to remove any bits you left behind). It retails at €3.99 in all boots stores and online. I will definatly purchase this again.

Number 2:Wet n Wild wild shine nail polish.image1 (1)

What woman doesn’t love a fresh set? as a mom I find keeping my nails painted a hard task, and ideally I would love a set of gel nails but sadly my job doesn’t allow (health and safety B*%l sh!t). but this is in my eyes is a life saver. it applies beautifully and dries super fast which again saves time on the mom front. I love pink and sparkle (my husband calls me a magpie) and this is the perfect combination. it comes in many shades and retails at €1.50 in dunnes stores on the Wet n wild concession stand. well worth the buy ladies and do I dare say it would be fab at Chirstmas!!!!

number 3: PS. lip liner pencil in the colour nude.image3

Penneys have really up’d there game in the make up industry. and this product was the first product I bought and re bought and re bought. I love how it glides so smooth across the lips, and the perfect every day  shade for us Irish girls. it retails at €1.50 in penneys/primark stores worldwide. perfect for the perfect pout. And a plus, its a good dupe for the kylie lip kit liner in Dolce K!!!

Number 4:Urban Decay Matt lipstick shade stark naked.


I love Urban Decay. This lipstick is one of my favourites  to me its the perfect nude for everyday wear. Its soft and creamy and dries matt, its long lasting and smells gorgeous, it retails at €19 in debenhams  in Ireland.

Number 5:BH Cosmetics liquid eyeliner pen.


As we know the winged eyeliner look is going no where anytime soon, and again this in an area I struggled with until I got this little baby. Using the cellotape trick, and this pen has saved my patients when attempting winged eyeliner, because of its long handle you gain more control and this in turns helps you achieve the perfect wing. It retails at €5 on and they ship world wide, (reasonable shipping costs too, purse friendly)

image1 (2)

Number 6: Ps Pro High Definition mascara ultra volume & lift.image7

What I like about this mascara is the wand, I feel it separates my lashes beautifully I usually use this as a base for Urban decay perversion but its perfectly fine on its own, it smells a bit chemically at first but it fades quickly it retails at €5 again from penneys/primark stores worldwide, it dose the job, here is a before and after of my lashes with only one coat of this.image1 (3)

number 7: CocoBrown Tontouring Brushes.


I was really excited when my brother came home with these for me a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve used them every day since but not for their intended purpose (applying tan to you face- tontouring) I use them for applying my foundation and contour. The T2 brush is the perfect shape to apply the right amount of contour product to my face and easy to blend with it too, they can be bought in pharmacies nationwide and again Penney’s/Primark for €9.50 the bristles are so soft and tough I’ve washed them (3 times already and still perfect) I think they are the perfect duo.

number:8 Rimmel london wake me up concealer.

image8 (1)

This little beauty (pun intended) has save me from the mombie (mom/zombie) stage on many occasion. It hides those little dark  circles  under our eyes from lack of sleep that we all have ( don’t lie). the consistency is so creamy thick enough to conceal but light enough to feel weightless on your skin. It blends beautifully, it wont crease and  it will last you through the day and still looks good at 2am when you fall asleep on the couch  from sleep exhaustion and forget to take you make up off ( come on we all did it at least once) it retails at €7.49 in boots stores and online and its on offer at the moment too 3 for 2 ( an extra little mom treat)

so there you have it the perfect cheap and cheerful beauty buys that will leave any yummy mummy feeling wonderful and relaxed and maybe when your done sit back with a lovely cuppa tea and chocolate biscuit  (or in my case a massive chocolate bar haha)

hope ye like my little review, please leave a comment if you do or not.

thanks for reading

love Kel xx

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